A Mum and Dad who are well-prepared for their new baby's arrival

A Mum and Dad who are well-prepared for their new baby's arrival

The months
are slipping by and your new baby
any day now.
For this incredible moment
to be
absolutely perfect,
follow our handy little tips
for mums and dads!

How about making sure you are thoroughly prepared
for the big day?
Mum's maternity bag

Mum's maternity

Because you already have
of plenty of things
to think about,
we'll help you get it all

ready with no fuss !

La valise de maternité de maman more info
Dad's practical bag

Dad's practical

Because it's sometimes a very long wait,
Dad needs something to recharge his batteries
and be at his best on the big day!

La valise pratique de papa more info
To make sure you haven't forgotten anything,
download your check list >
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Never come unstuck thanks to our dictionary

During this happy event they loved the
Petit Bateau products and can't wait to tell you all about it !

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Come on, let's celebrate
the arrival
of your new baby with a Baby Shower

A wonderful occasion to share
with your friends,
where you're
queen for the day...

get my baby shower ready
Experience a sensational maternity leave!
Loungewear collection
Experience a sensational

maternity leave !

When your baby has arrived
you'll go back home,
and the main
priority will be pampering them. But to
taking care of you,
we've come up with a selection of clothes

that are as comfortable as they are practical...
You're going to love them!

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