Conditions of use


Petit Bateau offers you a dedicated "members' area" which can be accessed via the website. These terms and conditions of use are specific to your use of the members' area and do not amend, restrict or replace any other terms or notices published on the website (including our terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy and cookie policy).


To help you better understand these terms and conditions of use, the following terms shall be understood to mean:

- "User": any person who has not yet created an account and who is about to do so;

- "Member": any person who has created an account granting access to their member area:

- "Members' area": a personal area dedicated to Members and accessible via the website, granting access to certain information or additional services;

- "Services": any service offered to Members via the Members' area such as the loyalty scheme, product customisation etc.


These terms and conditions of use set out the terms that apply to a Member's use of their Members' area.


These terms and conditions of use come into force as soon as they are accepted by Members when creating their account and until it is closed indefinitely.


Petit Bateau reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of use at any time. The version of these terms and conditions of use applicable to Members is the version published from time to time on the website.


To become a Member and access the Members' area, a User must first register by completing the online form available on the website. By completing the registration form, the User confirms that the information they have provided is accurate.

The process for registering as a Member via the online form includes the following steps:

- Step 1 : the User completes a registration form by filling in the necessary fields, some of which are mandatory, depending on the Services selected by the User. The information must be accurate and updated regularly ;

- Step 2 : the User reads and accepts these terms and conditions of use, ticking the box provided for this purpose.

- Step 3 : once the form has been filled in correctly, the User submits the form and receives a registration confirmation email at the email address provided.


The Members' area is provided solely for the personal use of each Member. A Member must not share their account with any other person.

The Member agrees to only use their own account to access the Members' area and, in addition, to :

- not use the Members' area for the purpose of advertising or selling products;

- not reproduce, download, represent or modify all or part of the Members area (or attempt to do so); and

- not do, or attempt to do, anything that might disrupt the smooth running of the Members' area.


Each Member is responsible for storing their login details and keeping them confidential and agrees to take all measures that may help to ensure that their login details remain completely confidential.

Login details are strictly personal and confidential and any use of a Member's account or login details is presumed to be carried out on behalf of the Member.

In the event that a Member's password is forgotten or compromised, the Member may change it by following the procedure accessible via the website.

We recommended that Members change their passwords regularly to ensure that they remain effective and secure.


A Member may close their account at any time by following the procedure available on the website.

Closure of a Member's account, for whatever reason whatsoever, will result in the Member losing all data, information stored in the Members' area and access to the Services available in the Members' area.

Petit Bateau reserves the right at any time to close the account of any Member who fails to respect these terms and conditions of use.

Petit Bateau also reserves the right to remove any content that violates these terms and conditions of use, the rights of any third parties or any applicable laws.


The Members' area and any content created by Petit Bateau remains the property of Petit Bateau.

Any data and content contributed by a Member remains the property of that Member. Subject to Section 11, Petit Bateau may use any data or content provided by a Member for the purposes providing the Members' area and the Services.


Petit Bateau complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and all other applicable laws relating to the processing of personal data.

For more information about how Petit Bateau uses personal data, please refer to our privacy policy by clicking here.

When visiting the website, cookies are likely to be installed on the device of the User and Member.

For more information about how Petit Bateau uses cookies on the website, please refer to our cookie policy by clicking here.


If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions of use are held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the other provisions shall remain fully enforceable and binding.

These terms and conditions of use are governed by UK law. The UK courts have jurisdiction to hear any dispute concerning these terms and conditions of use.