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Gift card

At Petit Bateau, you're sure to find the perfect gift but sometimes you can feel a bit lacking in inspiration. Our magic solution is a gift card, available and usable both online and in store!

A gift card is:

  • Customisable from
    ​£10 to £500
  • ​Valid for one year
    from the
    date of purchase
  • Available and useable
    online and
    in store
  • ​Can be used in
    one or more

How do I get a gift card? It's very easy!

Buy it online

  1. Go to the website
    and select your gift card
  2. Personalise your card with a message and/or a video
  3. I add the first name and email address to the recipient of the card
  4. Choose the amount you want to credit between £10 and £500 ​
  5. Approve your order and hey presto! The recipient
    receives the gift card immediately by email

head to your store

  1. head to my Petit Bateau store
  2. Choose the card you like best and enter the amount, between £10 and £500, that you want to credit it with ​
  3. I can also write a personal note to the recipient of the card if I want to
  4. And ta-da! I can give the recipient the gift card in its own sleeve

Do you already have a gift card?

Did you just receive a gift card, or have you rediscovered an old one?

You can check its balance/validity here!

Why give a Petit Bateau gift card?

The Petit Bateau baby gift card is the IDEAL gift for young or future parents. If you're not sure what to give them as gifts for their newborn, this card lets them buy what they need for their child. You're free to choose the amount, between €10 and €500, and the parents can use the card to buy toys, nappies, clothes, and so on. It's the perfect way to please - and make sure you don't make a mistake! Recipients of this newborn baby gift can use their gift cards to buy the products they really want and enjoy fast home delivery if they can't visit our Petit Bateau shops in person. Our gift cards are just as personal as traditional gifts and are an excellent way to avoid duplication.

Want to know how to buy a baby gift card?

The advantage of the Petite Bateau gift voucher is that the whole family can enjoy it! A young mum can use it to buy a useful gift, a maternity case, for instance, or a fun gift like an iconic striped t-shirt. The baby gift card is also helpful in topping up her baby's wardrobe with things like sleeping bags, bodysuits, soft toys, bath wraps, etc. Petit Bateau dresses all little girls and boys in high-quality clothes, most of which are made from organic cotton. You'll also find sets and gift boxes with a whole range of babies' outfits. The card is always a popular and timeless gift idea because it lets parents choose what they really want or need and reduces the financial burden on their shoulders with the arrival of their little one.

Where can you use your baby gift card?

The Petit Bateau gift card can be used both online and in our shops. It is valid for all products, making it an ideal new baby gift for parents who haven't had time to draw up a list for their newborn, for example. The baby gift card is valid for one year and can be completely personalised. The balance on the card is never lost, so it can be used to make one or more purchases! When you give a baby gift card, you can be sure you're getting it right. Petit Bateau offers everything you need to prepare for and provide a wonderfully warm welcome for your baby. Our iconic products are the stuff of dreams for parents-to-be, and our gift cards let them buy everything they want. Every Petit Bateau baby item is of premium quality to support the baby's growth. And we even dress children up to the age of 18.