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Gift card

At Petit Bateau, you're sure to find the perfect gift but sometimes you can feel a bit lacking in inspiration. Our magic solution is a gift card, available and usable both online and in store!

A gift card is:

  • Customisable from
    ​£10 to £500
  • ​Valid for one year
    from the
    date of purchase
  • Available and useable
    online and
    in store
  • ​Can be used in
    one or more

How do I get a gift card? It's very easy!

Buy it online

  1. Go to the website
    and select your gift card
  2. Personalise your card with a message and/or a video
  3. I add the first name and email address to the recipient of the card
  4. Choose the amount you want to credit between £10 and £500 ​
  5. Approve your order and hey presto! The recipient
    receives the gift card immediately by email

head to your store

  1. head to my Petit Bateau store
  2. Choose the card you like best and enter the amount, between £10 and £500, that you want to credit it with ​
  3. I can also write a personal note to the recipient of the card if I want to
  4. And ta-da! I can give the recipient the gift card in its own sleeve

Do you already have a gift card?

Did you just receive a gift card, or have you rediscovered an old one?

You can check its balance/validity here!