Petit Bateau is hiring !

Petit Bateau is hiring !


Why to get on board with Petit Bateau’s crew?

Petit Bateau is the home of essentials !
Respectful towards each individual and respectful towards the environment, Petit Bateau’s values are transmitted through generations.
50% cotton and 50% love since 1893.

Petit Bateau is a global brand !
More than 50% of our turnover is generated internationally, mainly in Western Europe and Asia (mainly in Japan and China).
Petit Bateau, for serious kids.

Petit Bateau is a 100% integrated company !
We control the entire value chain from the creation by our designers, to the knitting of materials and the distribution of our products. Thus, our teams use their know-how to create unsinkable equipment of outstanding quality.

Every day, everywhere in the world, we are more than 3000 employees, in love with knitwear, to write Petit Bateau’s story...
Will you be part of the next chapter ?

What's Petit Bateau 's spirit?

At Petit Bateau, we are:

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