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Explore the Baby Slippers Collection

Discover ultimate comfort for little feet with our Petit Bateau baby slippers collection. Crafted from soft and safe materials, our slippers ensure a perfect fit, keeping your baby's feet warm and cozy.

Adorable Socks for Toddlers

Complete your baby's look with our irresistible sock collection. From playful patterns to soft hues, our socks are designed to add a touch of charm to every outfit your little one wears.

Soft and Durable Baby Tights

Give your baby adorable elegance with our soft and durable tights. Perfect for all seasons, our tights offer comfort and style for those growing little legs.

Shape Your Baby's Style with Petit Bateau

Explore our comprehensive range of baby slippers, socks, and tights, and shape your little one's unique style with Petit Bateau. Timeless designs, exceptional quality – find the best for your baby today.