Deyrolle x Petit Bateau

Let's go for a walk in the woods!

A stroll in the forest is perfect for finding inspiration and realising the beauty and fragility of nature. Deyrolle and Petit Bateau are collaborating for a capsule collection that shows every generation the wonder of the living world and the necessity of preserving it.

The Deyrolle shop

Since 1831, Deyrolle has remained true to its educational mission. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, a passionate naturalist, the brand has focused its business in the natural sciences, publishing works on plants and wildlife, distributing school materials, and creating numerous teaching aids, including its famous illustrations. These are an example of 'education through the eyes' a principle dear to the founder's grandson, Emile Deyrolle.

The collaboration

Deyrolle and Petit Bateau were both created in the 19th century, in 1831 and 1893, respectively. From generation to generation, they have perpetuated their know-how, becoming true institutions. Now the drawings from Deyrolle's educational illustrations are being showcased on iconic pieces from Petit Bateau to introduce a new generation to the enchanting mysteries of the forest's flora and fauna.

Art & Cotton

With this collaboration, Deyrolle and Petit Bateau have chosen to showcase the forest, featuring a menagerie of plants and animals — from birds to mammals — at various scales, from the leaf to the tree. Petit Bateau has found its own way to celebrate this diversity of living forms with a mix of decorative techniques. From screen printed motifs to embroidery to sewn patches, the plants and animals from Deyrolle's educational plates come to life in myriad ways on Petit Bateau's most iconic fabrics: 1x1 rib, fleece or quilted tube knit and, of course, the striped jersey of our sailor tops.